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Welcome to SmartLinks

We are a 360º digital marketing agency, founded in Portugal in March 2015.
We care about people and their business.

Who we are

We are a team of +20 professionals specialized in the various areas of digital marketing. We offer our customers proven experience, total dedication and availability.

Our mission

Always exceed customer expectations using the most appropriate digital marketing tools. Our priority is to achieve the goals set for your business.

What we do

We apply the most appropriate digital strategy for each project, from SEO, Google ads, social media ads, website creation, videos, web content, Google analytics, web design, lead generation, email marketing, ORM (online reputation management) ) and CRO (conversion optimization).

Our process

We analyze problems, propose strategies and create solutions for each client.
We communicate in harmony, research information and find the right digital strategy for your business.



We understand the client’s “pain points”, whether in terms of investment, notoriety or return. We thoroughly analyze the market and the role of your brand or business.


We suggest ways and approaches to achieve your business goals. We define priorities and advise on the best digital strategies for the correct positioning of your brand.


We design websites and e-commerce, guides, manuals and e-books. All the digital marketing supports you need are tailored to your needs.


We go through all stages of the marketing funnel with you, from customer acquisition to lead nurturing and loyalty, developing the most appropriate strategies.


We help companies launch new businesses and implement effective digital strategies. We monitor, report and track the performance of your brand.


More than numbers, we deliver results: With SmartLinks, your company’s digital growth will be a reality.

Why choose us?

SmartLinks is a 360º digital marketing and SEO agency, willing to face any challenge!
Do you want to define your brand? To create an identity? To know your clients? To define how and what to communicate? With SmartLinks, you’ll find the best market placement.
Our SEO specialists can master technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. We complete these techniques with content marketing strategies that really work.
Dou you want a stranger presence on social media? Do you want more engagement between you and your clients? What if you could increase your sales? With our team, your social network will reach further.
Do you want to market place your company next to your clients? Do you want to develop an e-commerce website to sell your products and services online? Count on us to have a professional, high-performance, attractive, and customised website for your business.

Do you want to sell more through your online shop without investing in advertising? Do you want to reduce your customer acquisition cost? Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) will increase your website sales.

Did you know that over 90% of consumers start their research online? Online lead generation provides pre-qualified contacts, allowing your team to focus on consumers who are already predisposed to purchase your products and/or services.
Don’t know how to analyse the results of your website or how to diagnose an error? Do you want to find the solution to improve your website? We are experts in website analysis for usability, conversion, positioning and vulnerabilities.

Who We Are

Meet our team of experts
in Digital Marketing

Describing Salvador in a few words is challenging for even the most pro copywriter! Playful and easy-going, he always livens up the days at the agency. But don't be fooled by his familiar looks: when this wolf plays, he plays for real and as a team! 🏉

Salvador SousaPartner

Salvador Sousa


Excellent colleague and friend with an unrivaled knowledge of the digital world. 🚀 He considers people to be the most important and values those with high principles. 👏 In his free time loves to watch Padel and football. ⚽

José PeresPartner

José Peres


Whatever the business area, Rui is waaaay ahead. He can create a successful Digital Strategy, even for a parakeet if you happen to own one. 📈 In his spare time, he usually works as an uber driver (he has 3 kids without a license 🚸) and still cooks some tasty snacks. 🍳

Rui MartinsPartner

Rui Martins


Sand, sun and sea are things you're proud to see every day. 💦🌞 Sandra loves speed, especially when it's her soccer team's eagle flying towards the top of the chart (or her coworkers devouring her delicious cooking)!

Sandra MouraHuman Resources & Finance Manager

Sandra Moura

Human Resources & Finance Manager

Who calls you thinking of a good business plan, first thing in the morning? Pick up, don't hesitate, because your "GOOD MORNING!😃" is coming!📲 Lino, today's moto is: read a poem, make lots of phone calls and have a big dinner party with family and friends.

Paulo LinoKey Account Manager

Paulo Lino

Key Account Manager

Her critical thinking and analytical insights are valued by all clients. She always looks for the best solution for every challenge. 🎯📈 She recharges her energies and gains inspiration for the obstacles of digital with a tasty plate of feijoada, duck rice or a chocolate mousse. 🍲 🔋

Marisa DuarteDigital Marketing & Performance Manager

Marisa Duarte

Digital Marketing & Performance Manager

Andreia's perfect day is spending time in the company of her kids and dog. Better than that, only if she adds a walk by the sea or a cool 🍺 al fresco. At work, is her middle name Performance or is it Google Ads? 📈

Andreia CunhaDigital Marketing & Performance Manager

Andreia Cunha

Digital Marketing & Performance Manager

Like Hubspot, Melissa is a valuable asset in all digital areas, constantly testing her skills to grow a little more every day. 💡 She loves walking Yoshi and Kira on the beach 🐾, traveling and experiencing new cultures and is always in a good mood.

Melissa FarinhaDigital Marketing & Hubspot Manager

Melissa Farinha

Digital Marketing & Hubspot Manager

Digital Marketing Manager and the queen of recycling in her spare time.♻️ Patrícia loves the beach 🌊 and is always thinking about the next trip. ✈️ Not a day goes by without talking about her Rookie and Nala.❤️🐶

Patrícia LopesDigital Marketing Manager

Patrícia Lopes

Digital Marketing Manager

Eva focuses on her work and on the "cute" side of those around her, but the real excitement happens in the matches that her children play. ⚽ If you come to a company party and taste an amazing cake, we're 99% sure she made it. 🤤🍰

Eva BracinhosDigital Marketing & Performance Manager

Eva Bracinhos

Digital Marketing & Performance Manager

He could have been a historian or an art critic, but life made him find us in digital marketing. 📜🎨 📜🎨 The Don Corleone of SmartLinks (with mustache and a 🐈 on his lap), always cheering his coworkers with his good humor. He was already proud of his "dad jokes", even before he was one.🍼

Ricardo PereiraDigital Marketing Manager

Ricardo Pereira

Digital Marketing Manager

Dedicated and in good spirits, he's our Swiss army knife, always ready to help. Grew up in the North but came to Lisbon out of love. 💚 He is proud to say that he has crossed (almost) all the points on his checklist. Do you doubt it? He's already founded an association, written a book and done international volunteering.

Luís LoboDigital Marketing Assistant

Luís Lobo

Digital Marketing Assistant

Directly from Porto to Lisbon, there she is, always smiling and good-natured, appearing on our screen. 💻 She likes to travel, help others and contribute to a better future. 🌍 At home, she loves spending her afternoons relaxing on the sofa with her kitten. 🐈

Flávia AraújoDigital Marketing & Performance Manager

Flávia Araújo

Digital Marketing & Performance Manager

Design, Love and Rock & Roll! 🎸A creative mind that knows well how to rock in everything she does. It's no wonder that all websites created by SmartLinks become authentic works of art. 🎨🤘 Of course, for Leonor, there is no greater masterpiece than her son Vasco.

Leonor FerreiraDesigner / Webdesigner

Leonor Ferreira

Designer / Webdesigner

Web developer with programming skills and a special way for design: there's nothing Ricardo cannot do. 😜 He's always thinking about the next play game with his kids and in his spare time, he's ready to prepare a good gin for the team. 🍸

Ricardo PascoalWeb Developer

Ricardo Pascoal

Web Developer

Programming is not just #000000 and #FFFFFF and it takes persistence to find solutions to challenges that seemed impossible. 💪 Ana is the youngest bright mind in the company, enjoys traveling ✈️ and she is curious about Sports Marketing. 🏃‍♀️

Ana MatosWeb Developer

Ana Matos

Web Developer

Passionate about books, Ana chose writing as a profession.✎ 📚 She looks for inspiration in the small wonders of nature, landscapes and travels. 🌻 She has planted trees, cleaned beaches, and believes her two daughters can save the world.

Ana CostaContent Specialist

Ana Costa

Content Specialist

An Alentejo born and raised who doesn't eat meat, she is dedicated and a perfectionist! 🥬 But woe to whoever messes up her folders, her zen side disappears in an instant. 🧘♀️ Organisation is her middle name and her life motto. Alexandra has an artistic soul and loves music and movies.

Alexandra CostaDigital Specialist

Alexandra Costa

Digital Specialist

José loves speed, motorbikes and cars as much as loves a good SEO strategy. 🏍️💨 Or is it the other way around? We're not sure, but he knows that the keyword "Algarve Racing Circuit" has a volume of 10 monthly searches, weak competition and strong browsing intent. 🤓

José AmaralDigital Specialist

José Amaral

Digital Specialist

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